Ask Governor Brown to Sign AB 890 Today

Developers of large commercial projects – like Walmarts and sports arenas – are ramping up their use of a loophole in state law to avoid addressing the negative impacts of their projects.

These developers could do the right thing and spend money to clean-up the air they dirty, prevent traffic congestion, or maintain beautiful wild areas. Instead, they maneuver measures onto the local ballot where they can bypass environmental review.

Walmart alone has used this sneaky tactic nine times in 8 years.

You have an opportunity to help PCL close this loophole by convincing Governor Jerry Brown to sign Assemblymember Medina's AB 890!

AB 890 will require developers who want to change a site’s zoning, increase the permitted building size, or otherwise “intensify” building to go through the regular approval process in front of the city council or board of supervisors. This will include an environmental impact review and appropriate mitigation for the community.  

As you can imagine, deep-pocketed developers are fighting hard against this measure. We must act quickly!  October 15th is the deadline for Governor Brown to take action – but he could sign the bill any time before then

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