Ask Governor Carney to Support Universal Pre-K

High-quality pre-K is one of the best investments we can make. It’s linked to fuller, richer lives for kids—and their parents.

Yet Delaware ranks 38th in nation in pre-K access, and 41st when you add Head Start and special education. 50% of all Delaware children are not served by any pre-k program today.

First State Pre-K is a non-partisan issue campaign to ensure every child in Delaware has access to a high-quality pre-kindergarten program that families can more easily afford.

We call on policymakers to enact high-quality universal pre-K in mixed delivery settings including community-based providers, center-based programs, Head Start, and public schools.

Universal pre-K should be voluntary, full day, and accessible to all Delaware 4-year-olds regardless of family income by 2024.  

Let Governor Carney know you support high quality universal pre-K in Delaware!

Letter Campaign by
First State  Pre-K
Wilmington, Delaware