Ask Governor Raimondo to veto "Kristen's Law"

On June 14th—after two hours of debate-- the Rhode Island House of Representatives passed their version of “Kristen’s Law.” This bill would give an up-to-life sentence to anyone who provides drugs that lead to a fatal overdose.

While well-intended, according to medical experts, this “revenge” law would only make the opiate overdose epidemic worse and would double-down on ineffective, incarceration based drug policies. Legislators and the governor’s office have repeatedly ignored the input from medical professionals, public health experts, criminal defense lawyers, and the recovery community to stop or drastically change this bill.

With passed house and senate versions, the bill is going to the Governor’s desk the week of June 18th. Please sign this petition to ask Governor Raimondo to stand with the medical community, public health experts from her Overdose Task Force, and people in recovery to veto this legislation.

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