Ask Rep. Grijalva to Investigate the Department of Interior Scandal


Doug Domenech, an assistant secretary at the Interior Department and close personal friend of Secretary / former fossil-fuel lobbyist David Bernhardt, is at the center of the scandal brewing at the DOI.

Domenech -- who just so happens to be a former employee of Koch-backed think tank Texas Public Policy Foundation -- appears to have repeatedly violated federal ethics rules as he uses his role in the Trump administration to advance the interests of his former employer. Per new FOIA documents, Doug Domenech was personally involved in arranging for private meetings with senior people at his former employer to specifically discuss agency matters. And he did so in blatant violation of ethics rules prohibiting contact with former employers for two years.

Giving special treatment to one’s friends is evidently par for the course in Trump’s swamp. Representative Raúl Grijalva, a Democrat from Arizona and the chair of the House Natural Resources Committee, has already condemned Domenech's communications and meetings with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. We have to take it to the next step.

Ask Rep. Grijalva and the Committee to investigate this blatant violation immediately.  

We’ve drafted a letter for you, but feel free to add your own words to make it even more powerful.

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