Ask the Joint Education Committee to Support the Thrive Act

Join us to ask the Joint Committee on Education to support the Thrive Act so we can empower students and schools to succeed and thrive!

Massachusetts’ state takeover law, and the state’s misuse of the MCAS as a graduation requirement, are failing our students and disrupting their education. The Thrive Act would end the failed system of state takeovers of school districts, and replace it with a comprehensive support and improvement system that focuses on giving students and educators the tools and resources they need to succeed. The legislation would also support students by establishing a modified high school graduation requirement in which coursework would replace the MCAS test as the basis for showing student mastery of state standards. And, the legislation would create a commission to give our communities a voice in building a better assessment and accountability system.

Please support this action by writing to the members of the Joint Committee on Education.

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