Ask your state lawmakers to support REAL cyber charter school funding reform that will save at least $250 million in taxpayer money.

Every year school districts struggle to balance their budgets because state funding comes up short. The time has come for lawmakers to reform Pennsylvania’s charter school law so that school district payments to cyber charter schools match the actual cost of educating a child at home on a computer. This will help control property tax increases and reduce pressure on school districts to cut teachers and programs by keeping school funding in local public schools instead of driving it into cyber charter schools, where much of this money would be wasted instead of spent educating children.

Cyber charter schools are privately-operated, publicly funded schools that educate students at home on a computer. In Pennsylvania they are authorized by the state and funded by school districts, which are mandated by law to pay 100% of the tuition charged for each student who lives in the district and attends a cyber school.

Cyber charter schools have materially lower costs than either traditional public schools or brick and mortar charter schools. They have a higher student to teacher ratio than district schools and frequently use recorded programs that can be re-used in many classes or for students individually. Infrastructure is greatly reduced. In spite of this different cost structure, they are paid the same as brick and mortar charter schools.

Pennsylvanians simply cannot afford to continue paying cyber charter schools, which are among the lowest performing schools in the state, more than they spend educating children. We cannot afford to continue wasting precious school tax dollars on things like million-dollar advertising campaigns, giveaways of expensive equipment to cyber students, and inflated prices charged by private management companies.

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