Restore U.S. Funding to UNRWA and to US NGOs

Request Urgent Intervention for Gaza

Schools in Gaza are scheduled to open on August 27 and classes will begin on August 29... but only if US funding to UNRWA (which the Trump administration slashed) is restored. This is not the only obstacle to education facing children in Gaza. Electricity is still severely restricted: power is only on for approximately six to eight hours per day. How can children study and complete their homework in the evenings when there is no light? Our big goal is to ensure they can by providing each and every child in Gaza with their own personal solar lantern. Ask Congress to assure that our shipment of solar lights arrives in Gaza by the end of August.

Congress will take action because you ask. Your elected officials all promise to intervene on your behalf as their constituent whenever you ask for help to resolve an urgent issue with a Federal agency.

My hope is that the international community will hear their urgent message, take action,
and lift the blockade.

         – Psychiatrist Dr. Yasser Abu-Jamei, Exec. Director, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme

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