Make Polluters Pay

The Polluters Pay Climate Fund is based on a kindergarten premise: you make a mess, you clean it up. The Superfund-style plan would raise an estimated $500 billion by collecting fees from corporations for their past pollution and establish a Polluters Pay Climate Fund that directs the money towards the advancement of clean energy infrastructure, climate projects, and more.

Only 25 to 30 of the largest fossil fuel companies, those who have caused the highest emissions, would pay the fee. An oil company like ExxonMobil would likely pay around $5 billion a year under the plan, a miniscule contribution considering the profits they’ve raked in at the expense of our air, water, land, and health. And if fossil fuel giants try to pass along the costs to working people, their smaller competitors are positioned to undercut their prices.

Can you please send a polite letter to Rep. McGovern?

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