Big decisions coming up on Santa Cruz City housing policies

On December 5, the Santa Cruz City Council will be considering adoption of big package of housing policies and actions that will have wide-ranging and significant impacts on our local housing crisis.

We need to you to write to the city council and ask them to adopt a package that includes the following:

•           Preserve existing housing units through long- term subsidies and code enforcement.

•           Protect and add ADU’s which can yield a significant number of relatively affordable (by size) rentals, and provide homes for seniors and others on fixed incomes.

•           Establish ordinances to slow the rapidly expanding affordability gap. Since housing affordability is the ratio between income and housing expenses, both the income and housing cost sides of the equation must be addressed. We believe rent stabilization and strong tenant protection strategies must be implemented.

•           Actively participate in passing a countywide affordable housing bond measure and look at other possible funding sources to ensure that affordable housing subsidies have a reliable and ample funding source.

•           Encourage and require efficient use of the limited land available for development and redevelopment through the General Plan, zoning, density bonus systems, and other means. Reduce the cost of producing rental housing and create policies that encourage building of smaller, less expensive units.

•           Proactively encourage UCSC, public agencies and other larger employers to develop housing affordable for employees and students.

•           Seek to recruit all community constituents in marshaling support, planning, and decision making for short and long term housing solutions. Invite neighborhood residents to contribute to identifying appropriate sites and impact mitigations for multi-family housing for local residents and workers.

•             Ensure that every City multi-unit housing development includes affordable units.

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