Tell your U.S. Senators to support S.Res.20 Calling for a Return to Democratic Governance in Burma


Tell your U.S. Senators to support S.Res.20, which calls for a return to democratic governance in Burma and an end to the violent military coup!

Since the February 1st, 2021 coup, the Burmese military has engaged in mass atrocities such as detaining over 13,000 people for exercising basic freedoms, and killing over 2,800 civilians, including children. The people of Burma have seen increased human rights violations and militarization, and the situation is growing dire with each passing day. Over 17 million people are in need of humanitarian aid, and 1.5 million remain internally displaced due to the ongoing violence and instability.

Given the Burmese military’s unrelenting violence, it is clear that Congress must act now to support the people of Burma. This resolution condemns the coup and calls for an immediate and unconditional release of those detained, as well as a return to democratic governance.

Please urge your members of Congress to stand in solidarity with the people of Burma, and support S.Res.20 to end the junta’s campaign of violence and cycle of impunity.

Today, tell your U.S. Senators to support S.Res.20!

Thanks to the US Campaign for Burma for the language for this letter-writing campaign.

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