California Legislators - Don't Let Oil Lobbyists Dictate Our Climate Laws

Governor Brown

Governor Brown has spent the last two months in secret conferences with oil industry lawyers, writing up Big Oil’s wish list for amending California's Cap-and-Trade program.

If Brown and the industry have their way, refineries and other industrial polluters will be allowed to continue trading pollution credits instead of reducing their harmful emissions. Californians–especially those living in front line communities—will continue paying with their lungs and their lives.

Brown’s plan fails to raise the carbon price floor to a meaningful level. He seems to want the appearance of a Cap-and-Trade program without guarantees that actual emissions of climate-destroying greenhouse gases and toxic co-pollutants will be lowered. What’s more, he wants to take away the ability of local and regional government to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions from large industrial sources, leaving low-income communities of color to suffer from worsening health impacts, with no recourse to appeal for local action when the State lets them down.

Everyone knows California's Cap-and-Trade program is failing. Brown's oil industry-friendly proposals will lock California into further failure by setting the price to pollute too low. They’ll continue the bogus policy that allows refineries to buy forests in Michigan for pollution credits, instead of cleaning up their acts at home.

Tell your State Senators and Assembly Members they must not support Brown's phony climate program proposal.

Brown’s proposals could be considered as early as this week—the time for us to act is now.

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