Call on Congress to Treat Air Pollution as a Health Emergency

For the health and safety of our communities, it is clear–we must address our air pollution emergency! We can make our urban airsheds safe for those most at risk – children and elders – by electrifying vehicles. Demand that EPA follow California’s lead in setting zero emission standards for new vehicles to ensure that automakers bring down the cost of clean vehicles. Demand that Congress enact ambitious climate and health legislation, including a mandate that power plants emit zero CO2 by 2035 so that electric vehicles run on clean power. In addition, we must push Congress to dedicate at least $550 billion for grid modernization, ubiquitous charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, and to help school districts and transit agencies quickly replace diesel buses with electric. Funds to transform the transportation sector to zero emissions can also minimize injustice when funds are prioritized for removing fossil fuel power plants and vehicles from communities most impacted.

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