#CancelCANSEC, North America's biggest weapons show


Despite the growing coronavirus pandemic, the CANSEC 2020 weapons show will take place as scheduled in Ottawa May 27 and 28. CANSEC is billed as “North America’s largest trilateral defence event” and is expected to attract 12,000 government and military officials and weapons industry representatives from 55 countries to Ottawa. Weapons dealers should not risk the health of the people of Ottawa in order to market, buy, and sell weapons of war, endangering the lives of people around the world with violence and conflict.

Click "Start Writing" to send a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, Defence Minister Sajjan, Foreign Affairs Minister Champagne, Ottawa Mayor Watson, and CADSI President Cianfarani to #CancelCANSEC immediately!

CANSEC is a public health threat and the weapons it markets endanger all people and the planet. CANSEC must be cancelled – and Canada should ban all future weapons shows. We need divestment, disarmament, and demilitarization in order to secure a peaceful, green, and healthy future.

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