City of Portland Action to Protect Renters During COVID


We are facing a unique crisis as the novel coronavirus spreads and social distancing measures persist in an attempt to slow it. The measures may reduce damage from the virus, but they are having devastating impacts on many people who are losing income or their jobs, especially as other health, medical and childcare costs increase in response to COVID related measures. We must minimize the harm from these measures. Furthermore, at this time when people are asked to stay at home, we must make sure that everyone has access, and does not lose access, to habitable housing.

The eviction moratoriums have saved many people's lives, but they don't go far enough. The moratorium will expire too soon, and will leave people with a heavy rent burden. Tenants have also seen a large increase in harassment as landlord try to get around the new protections.

PTU Demands for the City of Portland

  1. Pass the Tenant Protection Ordinance immediately
  2. Implement a freeze on rent increases retroactive to April 1, and through the course of the pandemic and at least three months after
  3. Advocate for an extension to the eviction moratorium, and for rent and rent debt forgiveness, like the Rental Housing Stabilization Proposal.

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