Close the Housing Gap with Progressive Revenue

We need more affordable housing!  Just for the lowest-income households, our city must create at least 20,000 more homes in the next ten years to meet the need. The homelessness crisis is deepening every year — in 2017 over 8,500 people were homeless in Seattle alone. Without housing that people can afford, how can we hope to reverse this trend?

We are urging the Seattle City Council to pass legislation raising $150 million per year for new affordable housing and homelessness emergency response through a progressive revenue package, including a tax on large businesses like Amazon.  It’s still not enough, but it’s a big step forward!  Last fall, due to pressure from the Housing For All Coalition, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution to pursue this idea in early 2018.  Now big business groups like the Chamber of Commerce are trying to undermine this effort, and we need your help to create an unstoppable wave of support.  Please take a moment to email your elected officials today.

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