Community Demand to Bargain with United Graduate Workers of UNM

Graduate workers provide vital contributions to the teaching and research mission of UNM. Improving graduate employee working conditions is a priority for everyone who values our flagship public research university.

Over 1,000 workers joined United Graduate Workers of UNM and petitioned for legal recognition in December of 2020. After over a year of failed attempts from the adminstration to strip graduate workers of their legal right to unionize, the New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board certified the graduate workers union on January 4th of 2022. The UNM adminstration is now compelled to begin negotiations, but has yet to set a date for a first session.

We are inviting our supporters across the state (and across the world) to add their voices to graduate workers' formal demand for a start to collective bargaining. Feel free to add your own letter below (or use the template) and explain to our university adminstrators why urgent, good faith negotiations, with United Graduate Workers of UNM (UGW-UE Local 1466) is important to you!

If you wish to write your own handwritten letter calling on UNM admin to come to the bargaining table please address it as follows:

Provost James Holloway

Office of the Provost

MSC05 3400
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM  87131

letters submitted to action network may be printed and mailed as well.