Complete Count For Texas!

The 2020 census will be a collection of data that determines everything from how many representatives we have in Congress to how our voting districts are ultimately drawn up in Texas.  

Just as critically, this data determines how federal funding is distributed state by state and this can have huge negative impact if Texas, which is already a hard to count state, goes undercounted in the upcoming census. Being left out of the census can deprive population groups and communities of vital public and private resources.  

A fair census is a civil rights issue...

The collection of accurate, comprehensive race and ethnicity data (and gender and age) effects how we implement and evaluate our civil rights laws which can then have impact on things like housing, education, health care, the job market, fair political representation and voting reforms.
We need to encourage full participation in the 2020 census!

Send a quick message to your legislators to urge them to support HB 255 - relating to efforts to encourage full participation in the census by the residents of this state and includes the establishment of a Complete Count Commission.  

We need a fair and accurate census - Let's make sure Texas counts!