Congress: Remove Corban University’s Title IX Exemption for Anti-LGBTQ Bigotry

Corban University in Salem, Oregon is a headquarters of hatred and bigotry in the Northwest, with extreme anti-LGBTQ policies and professors, including those that actively promote the highly destructive and abusive practice of “gay conversion therapy.”

Despite its discriminatory practices, the school continues to enjoy a Title IX exemption that allows Corban to be the recipient of federal funds, including your tax dollars - flowing to the school in the form of student loans - as well as a non-profit status and tax-deductible donations.

One need look no further than Corban University’s own student handbook for evidence of their ruthless prejudice against students in the LGBTQ community:
  • Students at Corban who identify with the LGBTQ community must remain celibate and refrain from dating. []
  • A former Corban student stated he underwent “conversion therapy” on campus. []
  • Corban’s “Statement of Faith” condemns same-sex marriage []
  • Corban’s Student Handbook states that transgender students must identify on campus as their biological sex. []

Corban University should not be enabled to propagate this hurtful out-of-date bigotry while benefiting from all of our tax dollars. Email your Senator and Congressperson today and demand the removal of Corban University’s Title IX exemption.