Contact Your SC Representatives In Support Of S150 The Compassionate Care Act

Update 5/5/22: Through a procedural motion raised by Rep. John McCravy (R), S. 150 has been defeated. McCravy claimed S. 150 is a revenue-raising bill, and as such is illegitimate as bills of this type can not be originated in the Senate.  Speaker Pro Tem Tommy Pope (R) ruled in his favor. We believe this ruling was unjust, as the revenue-raising portion of this bill raises tax dollars incidentally, which is allowable in bills that originate in the Senate.

House Minority Leader Todd Rutherford (D) appealed the ruling, but a motion to table the appeal from a prohibitionist opponent was passed 59-55 before it could be heard, effectively killing S. 150.

This ruling was made hastily, and without a proper understanding of the bill's tax component. Pope claimed S. 150 had no exemption for the paying of the standard 6% sales tax as a reason to his ruling. This is incorrect, as S. 150 states in Section 4 of its text that it exempts cannabis from existing sales tax, imposing an identical tax rate on medical cannabis-- similar to the taxing of any other goods in the state. The tabling of the appeal was a bad-faith action with a sole goal of killing legitimate, constituent-backed legislation.

Contact your South Carolina House representative to voice your disappointment in the actions taken on S. 150, and urge them to take meaningful measures to move this bill forward before the end of the session next Thursday, 5/12/22.

Update 4/21/22: The SC House 3M committee has passed the Compassionate Care Act S. 150 on to the House floor.

S. 150: The South Carolina Compassionate Care Act allows qualifying patients to use, purchase, and possess medical cannabis with a physician’s recommendation.

Contact your representative to ask them to vote YES and pass this legislation.