CPUC and Governor Newsom- No Deal Without Justice for Our Families!

PG&E has been working on a deal to emerge from bankruptcy- and it’s not a good one, for fire survivors, ratepayers, or our communities

Will you send an email to Governor Newsom and the Public Utilities Commission urging them to reject the deal until they make it work for Californians, not for Wall St.?

Commissioners and Governor Newsom:  

I support the Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign’s demands for a PG&E bankruptcy deal that works for the people of California, not Wall St. The CPUC administrative law judge's proposed decision does not live up to what Californians need from their energy system. Californians need true safety from fires, smoke, and shutoffs, including having impacted communities at the decision table about if, when, and how our power is shut off.

We shouldn’t be forced to pay for PG&E’s failures- all debt repayment should be included in the Plan, not hidden, and savings should benefit ratepayers, not shareholders. Further, in this moment of public health crisis and income loss, the commission must acknowledge energy as a human right, and forgive the debts of all those unable to pay for utility service.

Impacted communities, including fire survivors, need to be compensated immediately in cash, not with volatile PG&E stock that is tied up in a trust that claimants themselves cannot control.

Any bankruptcy deal that this Commission approves must have true accountability, including a truly independent monitor selected by and reporting to the legislature with full access to utility operations. This monitor must be empowered to expediently and transparently reject PG&E’s business license and transition to a new energy model.

Any deal that this Commission approves should use every opportunity to transform our system to clean, distributed energy and a sustainable future, including pushing for investments in local renewable resources, and the permanent retirement of fossil fuel and nuclear infrastructure.

Any deal that this Commission approves must meaningfully include workers, fire survivors, people with disabilities, and environmental justice communities on the board and other decision making bodies.

This deal in front of the CPUC does not meet the criteria that the people of California need. I demand that PGE’s Plan of Reorganization be rejected until one that meets these criteria is brought forward.

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