CPUC and Governor Newsom- Stop the Deal!

PG&E has been working on a deal to emerge from bankruptcy- and it’s not a good one, for fire survivors, ratepayers, or our communities.

Will you send an email to Governor Newsom and the Public Utilities Commission urging them to reconsider the deal, and build the safe, reliable energy system we all need?

Your letter to the Public Utilities Commission and the Governor will say:

Californians need true safety from fires, smoke, and shutoffs. We shouldn’t be forced to pay for PG&E’s failures. Impacted communities, including fire survivors, need to be compensated immediately in cash. This deal hands victims volatile stocks that they can’t even control. This deal is full of loopholes that would push more costs on to already burdened households.

The Commission must reject the reorganization plan because the resulting governance structure is not acceptable in light of the electrical corporation’s safety failures, criminal probation, and recent financial decline. The plan does not ensure that the reorganized PG&E will have a transformed safety culture. The plan does not ensure that rates will remain neutral, instead requiring ratepayers to assume new risks and bear new costs.

In this moment of public health crisis, Californians actually need utility debt forgiveness as we are ordered to shelter in place amid loss of incomes to pay our bills. Looking ahead to wildfire season and climate disruption, what we need is clean, distributed energy and every opportunity to transition towards a sustainable future, including using stimulus funds to purchase infrastructure. This deal does nothing to advance our climate goals and protect our state. Reject this bad bankruptcy deal!

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