Create a Washington Worker Relief Fund

This pandemic is showing us that our health and well being very literally depends on our neighbors. We are only as safe and healthy as the most vulnerable members of our communities, and ensuring their well being is how we ensure our own.

While the coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all, undocumented immigrants are uniquely at risk. Undocumented immigrants and their families were completely excluded from the $2 trillion relief package Congress passed last month and aren’t eligible for unemployment insurance, even though providing economic stability to all workers is essential to ending this public health crisis.

More than 250,000 undocumented immigrants call Washington home. We must take action today to ensure our communities are taken care of.

Contact your legislators today and demand they take immediate action to provide emergency relief to undocumented families.

Together, we can make sure we are all safe. We are asking Governor Inslee and our legislators to include us all by:

  • Creating a Washington Worker Relief Fund that provides economic assistance to undocumented Washingtonians

  • Creating a permanent system that gives undocumented immigrants access to unemployment insurance

Together, we can make our voices heard. From frontline healthcare workers to grocery clerks to farmworkers--no one should be left out. We need protections for ALL Washingtonians, no matter where we were born, the color of our skin, or our immigration status.

Tell your legislators to include undocumented immigrants in relief funds to ensure we all get the care we need.