I support the DCINY orchestra!

Local 802 and the DCINY Orchestra Musicians

Please send the following letter to support the orchestra of Distinguished Concerts International New York. In 2019, the orchestra voted to unionize, with 89% of musicians voting YES to negotiate better working conditions. The orchestra has never had a contract, received benefits of any kind, nor has had any guarantee that they will be hired for future engagements. To address these issues, the orchestra came together with the support of the New York City musicians’ union (AFM Local 802) to negotiate a fair collective bargaining agreement. Management used the pandemic as an excuse to refuse scheduling negotiations with the union for many months. This stalemate was finally broken after Local 802 won an Unfair Labor Practice charge against the company, with more charges pending. In June, management chose to have students perform instead of hiring the professional orchestra. The musicians need your help now to win a fair contract!

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