De-link SBAC from Teacher Evaluations

Proposed legislation (S.B. 380) would decouple teacher evaluation and state mastery examination scores (SBAC).

AFT Connecticut has been a strong advocate for permanently delinking SBAC from teacher evaluations because it is not a fair, valid or reliable means of evaluating an educator. SBAC has no useful means of demonstrating educator effectiveness.  It was not designed to evaluate teachers and SBAC results are not provided in a timely manner to teachers to inform instruction.

Teachers who do not teach English, Language Arts, or Math are unfairly being evaluated on these content areas. If you teach Art, or Spanish, or Physical Education, is it really appropriate for you to be graded on your student’s literacy or numeracy skills? That makes no sense.

Teachers want to be held accountable
, but they can’t be measured on subjects they don’t teach or by tests that were not designed to measure their effectiveness.

Join us in writing your State Senator and Representative and tell them why SBAC does not belong in our evaluations
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