Demand a 'Fairer' Policing System Now


For Breonna Taylor, we act. For George Floyd, we act. For Bettie Jones, we act. And, for the countless other individuals killed by the hand of an officer, we act.

To be frank, Not My Generation understands that no level of “police reform” can completely root out the evil racism that is the basis for our current criminal justice system. We want to make that clear. However, we also want to acknowledge that people are being harmed at the hands of law enforcement nearly every day-- specifically Black individuals--and they can not wait for abolition to take place. They need protections now.

With that being said, we encourage you to email your Senators and Representatives in support of the following legislation, so there can be some level of protection for our most vulnerable to police violence:

  • The legislation sponsored by Sen. Brian Schatz (HI) that will amend the National Defense Authorization Act in a way that will discontinue the program that transfers military weaponry to local police departments.

  • The End Qualified Immunity Act, which will be introduced and sponsored by Rep. Justin Amash (MI-3) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA-7) in the House of Representatives & Sen. Ed Markey (MA), Sen. Harris (CA), and Sen. Booker (NJ) in the Senate. The reality of qualified immunity for law enforcement is that it protects officers from accountability in instances of police brutality and excessive force.

  • The Andrew Kearse Accountability for Denial of Medical Care Act sponsored by both Sen. Warren (MA) and Rep. Pressley (MA-17), which will make it illegal for law enforcement to deny medical care while in custody.

While all these pieces of legislation provide some level of accountability, we do encourage you to actively engage with those in your community to create a movement around defunding your local police departments, which will lead to eventual abolition. If you’d like more information on how other organizers across the country are demanding their police departments are defunded, Not My Generation encourages you to look into

In Solidarity,

Elijah Nichols

Policy & Advocacy Director, Not My Generation

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Not My Generation GVP
Washington DC, District of Columbia