Demand Governor Pritzker Divest from Animal Ag!

In a press release issued November 19th, the Governor's office has announced with much fanfare the development of a huge new insect breeding facility to supply livestock and fish feed in Decatur by agribusiness giant ADM and InnovaFeed. "The State of Illinois today joined ADM and Innovafeed – leaders in production of animal nutrition and feed – in announcing major new plans to bring the world’s largest insect protein production to Decatur, Illinois,” reads the release. “Together, these investments will bolster Illinois’ access to sustainable agriculture feed supply, while creating new jobs and advancing the growing agriculture industry in Illinois."

The Governor is hard selling this project and using the rhetoric of "innovation" and "sustainability," but we need to call his bluff. If he truly believes in a more sustainable food system, then he should have a major plan for a plant-based food system instead! But he does not.

Please leave a voicemail at 217-782-0244 (press 2) and send Governor Pritzker an email, demanding he divest from animal ag and instead promote a plant-based food system.