Demand IFC Vice President Sergio Pimenta intervene in the ongoing union dispute at the Marriott-Sheraton Grand Conakry!

Jobs With Justice joins with our partners at Global Labor Justice/International Labor Rights Forum and the global union movement in calling for the International Finance Corporation (IFC)'s immediate intervention to force Marriott-Sheraton Grand Conakry to reinstate these fired union leaders.

That is why we are asking you send a letter to IFC Vice President Sergio Pimenta demanding reinstatement of the fired union leaders.

For international development to work, it must be conducted hand-in-hand with the workers who are doing the labor. After all, it's the workers who ensure services run and infrastructure is built.

Sidelining workers' rights to organize a union and fight for basic human dignity on the job!

For more information on why this is so important, check out the blog post addressing what's happening at the Marriott-Sheraton Grand Conakry.

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