Demand the release of Honduran Garifuna leader!

Garifuna leader and member of WFP partner organization OFRANEH has been detained in Honduras. We are extremely worried about his safety.

Write the State Department (to the right of your screen) and call Deputy Chief of Mission Heidi Fulton at the US Embassy in Honduras at 011.504.2236.9320.

César Geovanni Bernardez is being charged with usurpation or illegal possession of land, even though it's actually the company CARIVIDA which has been illegally possessing Garifuna land. On November 10th of last year another Garifuna leader, Medeline David, was detained and tortured by the police in Trujillo with the same charges as Geovanni.

Demand safety for Geovanni, and an end to persecution of human rights defenders in the name of corporate profits.  

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