Demand Toni Van Pelt Resign as NOW President

For years people working both inside and outside the National Organization for Women (NOW) have acknowledged that the majority of NOW’s leadership and membership is composed of older white women. This leadership doesn’t always work in partnership with traditionally marginalized and underserved populations including: black, brown, queer, transgender, non-binary, immigrant, and disabled people. In the last several weeks there have been multiple national publications where women of color have shared their accounts of racist behavior and actions by the current President of NOW, Toni Van Pelt. We believe that NOW members must work in partnership with traditionally underserved and marginalized populations and stand in solidarity against all forms of systemic discrimination and oppression by calling Toni Van Pelt to resign. Please use this link to send an email to Toni Van Pelt and NOW Board members. Let them know you have lost confidence in the ability for Toni Van Pelt to carry out her duties and represent the mission of NOW. Stand with thousands of NOW leaders across the country and demand she resign her position for the better for the National Organization for Women and for the US as a whole.

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