Tell Your Virginia Legislators to vote for campaign finance bills in the General Assembly


Now's the time to advocate for campaign finance reform in Virginia: Send a letter to your Legislator

Now is the time to send a pre-drafted letter, or you can write your own, to your elected officials  The message requests that they commit to: 1) enacting campaign finance reform legislation which would eliminate Virginia's unofficial policy of "pay to play." 2) passing a resolution in the Virginia General Assembly to support overturning Citizens United.

Why is this letter-writing platform important? Your elected officials might not listen to just one or two of us alone, but together we are stronger.

Put in your information on the right side of the screen and your legislators/candidates for office and a sample letter will be provided. You can use the pre-drafted message or write your own! It's easy and quick. You can also share this action with friends and neighbors to have more impact.

Nancy Morgan, NoVA Chapter of American Promise

For more information: text (703) 362-8014 or contact

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