Do you believe people deserve a second chance?


You can do something today to make sure hundreds - maybe thousands - of Illinois inmates get a second chance. 

The United States now has more people in prison than did the former Soviet Union at the height of its power.  Call it mass incarceration, call it the New Jim Crow; whatever you call it, know that you can help end it.

Here in Illinois, between laws passed in the late-1970s and the mid-1990s, we effectively eliminated the possibility of parole for most people receiving long-term sentences.

We are considered are a "determinate sentencing" state, which means for many classes of crime no "time off for good behavior".  No second chances.  Not even for children sentenced in adult court.

That is why Restore Justice Illinois is launching the Campaign to Bring Back Second Chances. 

We want every Illinois legislator to sign-on to House Resolution 509, a bi-partisan effort to make it clear to all state policy-makers that Illinois is ready bring back second chances.Use this simple online system to write your legislator today!

Thank you, 

Jobi Cates

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