Don't bring Trump's tax code to Maine!


Proposals to bring the Trump Tax Code to Maine through so-called "tax conformity" give state lawmakers a choice to decide what kind of tax code our state will have: One that benefits all Mainers, or one unfairly weighted toward corporations and the top 1 percent.

Maine's tax code is for all Mainers, not just powerful elites. Your elected state officials have a decision to make, and they need to hear from you.

This year, Maine lawmakers are considering whether to bring the Trump Tax Code to Maine. President Trump and his allies opened up the federal tax code to powerful special interests, who inserted huge windfalls for corporations and the 1 percent while ultimately raising taxes for working families and jeopardizing the public resources necessary for health care, schools and infrastructure.

Lawmakers will have to vote on whether to adopt the disastrous Trump Tax Code in Maine by changing our tax code to reflect the regressive changes made at the federal level.

Contact your State Representative and State Senator: Tell them to vote 'No' on proposals to bring the Trump Tax Code to Maine!