Don't Let CEOs and Wall Street Take Over Connecticut

The Commission on Fiscal Stability and Growth is a panel dominated by ultra-wealthy Connecticut citizens and CEOs that issued austerity-style recommendations for the Connecticut legislature, including attacks on working and middle class people and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

Their page is right out of the Koch Brothers playbook.

They know they don't have the votes to pass the whole report, so they may try to slip through some of the worst pieces of the report -- like billionaire tax cuts, or eliminating bargaining of pension and health care or slashing $1 billion from public services -- as amendments to other legislation. (Click here to see an amendment offered by Sen. Len Fasano, the Republican minority leader.)

Don't let them!

Please send a message to your legislators today. And be sure to share with them our "Fighting Back" video which dismantles the Fiscal Commission's recommendations.

Thank you for taking action.

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