Don't Let Politicians Silence Working Peoples' Voices


Politicians in Connecticut's General Assembly are reviving proposals to strip public employees' collective bargaining rights and roll-back decades of gains made for working families. By exploiting rules at the end of the regular session, Republican legislators are trying to sneak in bills that previously "died" during the law-making process which threaten to:

  • Strip overtime from pension calculations for public employees;
  • Prohibit negotiations over retirement or medical benefits for public employees; &
  • Increase pension contributions by as much as three-fold for public employees.
These attacks take aim at teachers, classroom support staff, professors, first responders, probation officers, safety inspectors, nurses and technologists — everyone employed by the state, municipalities and local school districts. We've seen what happens when the voice of any singe group of workers is silenced; the middle class is weakened and corporate interests consolidate their power.

The legislature’s regular session closes out on Wednesday, June 7 at midnight. Tell your representative and senator to VOTE NO on any anti-collective bargaining amendments and instead respect public employees' contributions to Connecticut's quality of life.
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