Tell CARB to Prioritize 100% Zero-Emission Electric Buses for All Californians!

Californians, Stand Up for Electric Transportation for ALL!

This year, the powerful California Air Resources Board will decide if transit agencies statewide will be required to invest in emissions-free transportation options, including electric buses. The proposed Innovative Clean Transit initiative will require your transit agencies, and others around the state, to purchase a certain number of electric buses.

Ask the Air Resources Board to support this vital clean transportation initiative.

Electric transit benefits all Californians. This advanced technology is ready for widespread use and will lead to cleaner air, especially in disadvantaged communities, which traditionally bear the brunt of transportation-related air pollution. Compared to diesel and natural gas buses, electric buses emit 70 percent less climate change-linked emissions. With California being the country’s hub for electric bus manufacturing, the Innovative Clean Transit initiative will create local jobs. And, electric buses are cheaper to operate, leading to economic savings for taxpayers.

The Innovative Clean Transit initiative is a no-brainer, but vested fossil fuel interests are fighting against it. Let the California Air Resources Board know that you support more electric transportation options. Please write a letter to the Board letting them know that you stand for electric transportation for all Californians.

Letter Campaign by
Californians for ZEV
San Francisco, California