Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies

If you’ve ever doubted the power of oil and gas companies, look no further than the decades-long con that the Big Polluter lobby has been playing on American taxpayers. While fossil fuel companies were wrecking our climate, lying about it, and raking in trillions of dollars of profit, their powerful lobby managed to convince the federal government to graciously give them billions of taxpayer dollars more.

This polluter welfare comes in the form of federal subsidies, and the Big Polluter lobby spent about $115 million last year to protect those handouts. In return, they got $15 billion in taxpayer dollars to pad their already absurd profits. This arrangement would be a con of massive proportions even if these companies weren’t also destroying our planet and our future.

The End Polluter Welfare Act would eliminate the tax loopholes and giveaways that amount to $15 billion in annual giveaways to the fossil fuel industry.

Tell Congress to support the End Polluter Welfare Act of 2021.

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