COVID-19 recovery should be rooted in science!

Disdain for science is killing us. It is fueling epidemics and it is driving climate solutions further and further from reality. I am joining March for Science NYC and Earth Day Initiative in calling on you to commit more strongly to a pro-science agenda and a defense of scientific funding and research, both as an essential foundation of climate progress and as the most effective role we can play in responding to COVID-19. You must stand up for science.

Specifically, that means that you should support:

  • An economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic with the Green New Deal, an effective and economically feasible way to transition to a modern economy. The legislation is grounded in science and justice, putting frontline communities at the forefront of solutions to the climate crisis.

  • That everyone has healthcare. Recent reports show that “Medicare for all” is not only feasible, but is beneficial to society. A recent study shows that transition to a single-payer, universal healthcare system would likely cut nationwide healthcare costs by 13% and save 68,000 lives.

  • Guaranteed food and housing security for all. The climate crisis will only deepen issues of wealth inequality in the United States.

We are in a crisis and drastic measures must be taken if we are to maintain or even enhance our quality of life. The time for incrementalism is over.

Thank you.