Education Equity - Students Can't Afford to Wait


Students can’t afford to wait

After the settlement was announced in the school funding lawsuit between Delaware and the NAACP of Delaware and Delawareans for Educational Opportunity, Delaware legislators began to work towards more equitable funding for our schools. SB 56 has been passed by the Senate and hopes to be passed by the House this week.

  • Opportunity Funding provides schools with additional money for English learners and students who are from low-income families.

  • The proposed $60 million of flexible Opportunity Funding for student needs is still less than 5% of the total state education budget, layered on top of the existing system. We can’t ignore the other 95%.

The Opportunity Funding bill is a great first step, but we must do more.

More money for student needs is good, but changing how much without changing how money is allocated doesn’t address the root inequities.