Educational standards are ours to keep


Educators – teachers and other educational professionals – work continuously to improve our professions to help our students succeed. We did this when professional educators, like us, informed the development of Idaho’s content standards and the minimum standards for teacher credentialing. Yet, the House Education Committee disregarded all our work this past week.

Ask the Senate Education Committee to show us the respect our professions deserve and the bare minimum standards our students need for equal educational opportunity. Take Action Now.

Professional certifications for doctors, lawyers, accountants, nurses, and more, set the minimum expectations everyone should acquire from those respective professionals. Teaching is no different. Teacher certification standards help ensure all students have access to a quality educator. Eliminating those basic standards because a couple programs can not meet basic requirements is disrespectful, at best, of every professional educator and educator prep program that’s done the work to meet those minimum standards. Tell the Senate Education Committee to uphold the standards for our profession.

It’s time we hold politicians accountable.


PACE – Political Action Committee on Education – is the only way IEA members can pool our resources to hold politicians accountable. PACE contributions go to elect pro-public education candidates. Only IEA PACE members vote on candidate endorsements. We’re stronger together. If you haven’t joined PACE, do so today.