End the immigration detention of women

Placard saying 'SHUT THEM ALL DOWN' with 'End Detention' written over the top of the image

Every woman who has been forced to cross borders for her safety deserves a chance to rebuild her life.

But the in-built inhumanity of the UK's asylum process means that - right here, right now - women are disbelieved by default, heartlessly detained at random, and are often left to 'live' in atrocious accommodation.

There is no time limit on immigration detention in the UK, meaning women are often locked up for weeks and months on end, with no idea of when they will be released.

Our ground-breaking research shows that the majority of asylum-seeking women who are detained are survivors of rape and other forms of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, forced marriage, female genital cutting, and sexual exploitation.

Locking up women who have already survived so much inflicts immense harm and retraumatises them.

Despite this, the Government continue to detain women seeking safety in the UK. But we believe this can be changed.

There are currently fewer than 100 women in immigration detention – so the Government could end the use of detention for women now.

Join us and write to your MP asking them to sign our letter to the Home Secretary urging them to end the harmful practice of detaining women seeking safety in the UK. You can view the letter we are asking MPs to sign here.