Every Neighborhood: Ensure Jersey Resilience by passing S2607/A2785

Almost every year for the past two decades, New Jersey has experienced a presidentially-declared disaster while many New Jersey towns experience chronic flooding as a result of increasingly severe storms. These hazards will only become more frequent and more damaging over time, so preparations and planning must start now for the future of our homes, our businesses, our towns, our economies.

Currently, New Jersey’s Municipal Land Use Law does not account for climate change, but a bill in the Assembly, A2785 (S2607) would require the land use plan element of municipal master plans assess likely impacts associated with climate change-related risks and devise strategies to address them. This type of forward-thinking land use planning is critical to keeping New Jerseys residents, businesses, and the environment safe and thriving.

The bill has already passed the Senate and the Assembly Environment and Energy Committee, and now we need your leadership to post this bill for a vote in the next full Assembly session. We stand with the Rise to Resilience Coalition in supporting this legislation. More here.

Letter Campaign by
Rise to Resilience
New York, New York