Expand Democracy, Don't Limit It

The COVID 19 pandemic has magnified inequities across all walks of life. From our health, to our economy, to even our democracy.

As we near the November 3rd election, we need to be expanding democratic participation, not limiting it.

Will you help us by sending a letter to Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) leaders asking them to allow LBUSD schools to be considered as vote centers for this upcoming election?  

With voting becoming primarily vote-by-mail this cycle, options to vote in person or to drop off your ballot are necessary fail-safes to ensure we're expanding voters' ability to participate in this election. Schools play such a vital role in our communities that having access to them as vote centers will be critical to ensure voting is safe, efficient, and accessible to all Long Beach voters.

It takes 30 seconds to have your voice heard and help expand democratic participation. Will you help us?

In solidarity,

Victor G. Sanchez
Long Beach Rising Coalition

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