Send a letter to your congressperson demanding Medicare expansion

Tens of millions of Americans do not have any healthcare insurance or even access to quality healthcare. Tens of millions more are under-insured.

At DSA, we know that Medicare For All (M4A) is the answer. We are fighting every day to ensure its passage. While we advocate for M4A, we also do not want to pass up low hanging fruit such as expanding Medicare to cover dental, vision, and hearing, as well as lowering the age of eligibility to as low as possible and authorizing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices.

Our allies in the Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition (MPHC) are also committed to M4A but are also working hard to ensure that Medicare expansion is included in the latest budget reconciliation package. DSA-endorsed representatives with their allies in the Congressional Progressive Caucus are in a fight to keep Medicare expansion in the reconciliation package.

Moderate democrats, backed by right-wing organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, are using every dirty trick in an attempt to derail the $3.5 trillion bill from passing or to weaken its provisions.

In solidarity with MPHC, the M4A Working Group at Metro DC DSA is asking you to take just a moment to send a letter to your representative to let them know that you support expanding Medicare.