FCC: Don't Let Hollywood & Big Cable Silence Our Stories!


Frustrated by the status quo of Asian American media representation? Us too. But there’s a new FCC proposal that could help stop Hollywood and Big Cable gatekeepers from boxing out Asian Americans.

On digital platforms like YouTube, an Asian American subculture thrives: from comedy sketches to makeup tutorials, Asian American YouTube stars are drawing audiences that rival traditional TV programming. But in Hollywood and Big Cable, too often we’re stuck with offensive stereotypes: yellowface, white saviours, hypersexualized women and emasculated men.

Sign the letter and make sure the Federal Communications Commission hears from us before they vote on this important proposal September 29.

The FCC wants to bridge the gap between digital and traditional video content by opening up the set-top box platform. Their proposal would mean cable customers aren’t forced to rent set-top boxes from their providers in order to access the content they already pay for. It would also integrate pay-TV and streaming content, meaning your YouTube favs won’t have to jump through Hollywood’s hoops in order to reach a wider audience.

The future of television is already here, and it’s streaming, bingeable, and more diverse than ever. Just look at Netflix’s Emmy-awarded series “Master of None” - a show written by and starring Asian Americans. But Hollywood and Big Cable want to keep us frozen in time with top-down programming that for decades has kept creatives of color waiting at the door.

The FCC has already compromised its proposal to make it more palatable to Big Cable interests. We need to make sure the industry doesn’t drown out the needs of consumers and push the FCC to make more concessions. Which is why we’re telling the FCC to stick to its guns and pass a set-top box proposal that will help more Asian American creatives tell our stories on our terms.

Sign the letter to Congress and the FCC: open up the set-top platform!

P.S. after you sign and share the petition, check out our guest blog post in Angry Asian Man about what the set-top box proposal means for Asian American representation!

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