Fight for Equity & Justice in the Economic Development Bill


On Monday, July 27 -- the first day of the final week of the legislative session, the MA House will take up an economic development bill. Representatives have filed a number of amendments in support of equity, justice, and sustainability. Write a letter to your state rep, and consider following up with a call.

AMENDMENTS: 9, 11, 26, 34, 66, 82, 119, 120, 124, 163, 180, 238, 261, 269, 290, 335, 408, 444, 449


#11 (Sabadosa): Taxation Equity, which increases the excise tax on sports betting from 15% to 30%

#26 (Sabadosa): Sustaining Funding for Essential Programs, which delays the increase in the charitable deduction

#119 (Robinson): Hazard pay for grocery workers, which requires grocery stores to provide hazard pay to employees during the COVID-19 pandemic

#120 (Robinson): PILOT Study, which requires a study of the economic impact on each city and town of the tax exemption granted to nonprofit, charitable and educational institutions

#238 (Gouveia): Closing Trump’s Corporate Tax Loopholes, which closes a loophole that allows businesses to deduct more in interest


#9 (Honan): Boston Linkage & Inclusionary Zoning, which incorporates Boston’s Inclusionary Development Policy (requires affordable units within new residential projects) and Linkage Fees (requires payments from large commercial developments to fund affordable housing and job training) into Boston’s zoning code and allows for future rate adjustments

#34 (Connolly): Supporting Affordable Housing With A Local Option For A fee To Be Applied To Certain Real Estate Transactions, which would allow cities and towns to impose a transfer fee on real estate sales to provide funding for an affordable housing trust fund

#66 (Connolly): Enabling Local Options For Tenant Protections, which enables cities and towns to pass rent-stabilizing laws and other tenant protections

#82 (Santiago): Tenant Right to Counsel Pilot, which establishes a right to counsel pilot program to provide full legal representation to eligible individuals vulnerable to eviction

#124 (Connolly): Facilitating Local Approval of Inclusionary Zoning, which lowers the threshold for municipalities to approve inclusionary zoning from a supermajority to a simple majority

#269 (Cullinane): Tenant Opportunity to Purchase, which guarantees the right of refusal for tenants when a large building is up for sale or foreclosed

#290 (Fernandes): Compromise local option transfer fee on high cost home sales to support low and middle income housing, which enables municipalities to impose a real estate transfer fee on sales above $1 million, with money going to affordable housing

#408 (Elugardo): Public Housing Support, which allows for more financing opportunities for local housing authorities and prioritizes affordable housing usage for disposition of surplus state-owned land

#449 (Moran): HOMES Act (Eviction Sealing), which seals evictions when they are pending, until and unless an allegation is proven; seals all no-fault evictions, and seals all evictions after 3 years.


#180 (Chan): Equitable Representation, which would implement statewide demographic data collection on ethnic subgroups of broad racial categories in order to better assess and analyze community needs

#261 (Barber): Work and Family Mobility, which eliminates immigration status as a barrier to obtaining a driver’s license

#444 (Doherty): Cannabis Social Equity Fund, which establishes a Cannabis Social Equity Loan Trust Fund to encourage the full participation of entrepreneurs from communities that have been disproportionately impacted by previous marijuana prohibition and enforcement


#163 (Driscoll): Amendment to ensure a green recovery and reduce air pollution, which imposes a price on carbon emissions with the revenue divided between rebates and a Green Infrastructure Fund

#335: Rooftop Solar Ordinances & Bylaws (Lewis), which allows municipalities to pass zoning laws requiring rooftop solar on new construction by simple majority (as opposed to supermajority) votes

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