NAZCCA is grateful that the City of Flagstaff's Sustainability Section has been hard at work developing the Flagstaff Carbon Neutrality Plan. BUT... Council needs to hear that we are excited this plan is coming forward, and that urgent adoption is a must! With our federal government taking clear climate action, there will be many opportunities in the coming months and years to support local efforts, but if we are not ready, with our plan in place and actions ready to go, we could miss out on those opportunities. Now is not the time to delay! If they don't hear from the community, there is a risk that the adoption and enactment of this plan could get delayed. We have an opportunity to deliver concrete actions, but our timeline to act is short.

We’ve crafted a letter campaign for us to collectively let council hear from our community that we are in support of aggressive action in the face of the climate emergency, without delay. We filled the house in 2020 to let council know we wanted a climate emergency resolution... now let’s help the Mayor, Vice Mayor, & Council before their upcoming meeting on May 25th by showing our support.

We hope you will join us and #AddYourVoice! Use the red "Start Writing" button on the lower right to follow the easy steps on the next page!