Free 84-Year-Old Prisoner Ruchell Magee! Unjustly Incarcerated for 60 Years

Please write a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom's office requesting a commutation of Ruchell Magee (#A90251) sentence after 60 long years. Ruchell was denied parole for 3 years in July 2021, but that's far too long for an elder who has suffered for over 6 decades. We need immediate action by the Governor's office - NOW!

Ruchell “Cinque” Magee, the longest-held political prisoner in the United States. Ruchell was unjustly arrested in 1963 on a trumped-up charge, then given a life sentence over a marijuana deal gone wrong which resulted in no deaths. His trial was marked by injustice typical of Jim Crow Era racist practices against the descendants of enslaved Africans, including Ruchell being gagged in the court room.

Ruchell is now 84 years old and needs to be released immediately - not only because of his proven factual innocence in the 1963 case, but also due to his senior status and the incredible risk he faces in California’s COVID-infested prisons and jails. We are inviting your organization and all forces committed to justice - from media outlets, to community and religious organizations, to prominent individuals - to join in one collective voice demanding his freedom. The time for liberation is now! Free Ruchell Magee!