Urge NYC Council Members to Support the Free Mask Bill

There's an important bill that would provide access to free masks, other PPE, and rapid tests through the mail to New York City residents: Int 0332-2024. We need YOUR help to get this critical bill passed!

NYC Council Member Mercedes Narcisse, R.N., introduced the bill, and we are excited to collaborate to help get it passed. One of the key ways to take action is to contact your NYC Council Member and urge them to co-sponsor Int Int 0332-2024!

Please use this tool to email your NYC Council Member and tell them to support the bill.

Click this link for more information about the bill and the current list of co-sponsors.

If your member is already co-sponsoring the bill, please call them to thank them and urge them to speak out publicly in support of the bill.

After you send your Council Member an email, please follow up by giving them a call. You can find their phone number here.

In addition, this email will also be sent to several other key NYC Council Members including Speaker Adrienne E. Adams, Health Committee Chair Lynn Schulman, and Subcommittee on COVID & Infectious Diseases Chair Francisco Moya.

Please note your address will only be used to match you with your local Council Member.

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