Fund Austin Child Care

The unprecedented financial strains of COVID-19 are forcing child care centers across our community to permanently close. Increased expenses to keep children and staff safe during the pandemic coupled with reduced attendance has put a significant financial strain on child care centers.

With workers returning to job sites and fewer child care facilities in operation, we are on the brink of a child care crisis in Austin.

While the City of Austin has created a grant program to provide assistance to centers, that funding will be used to help recover the losses from earlier in the year when COVID-19 first hit. Currently, the funding does not cover the projected increased expenses and reduced income expected to continue during the pandemic.

We are asking that the City of Austin substantially increase funding to prevent closures and provide for the long term stability of child care centers in our community. Our families need access to affordable care as we return back to work and try to reopen our city's economy. The success of our reopened economy depends on the financial stability of our child care centers. Help us Fund Austin Child Care!