Fund Human trafficking Exit Services: Pass SHB 1989

IPJC has had a long history of human trafficking education and advocacy which has included publications, presentations in schools and parishes, middle school webinars, monthly vigils in downtown Seattle. We have also partnered with WashACT (Washington Advisory Committee on Trafficking) and now, most recently WASE Forward (Washington State Against Sexual Exploitation) on legislative priorities.  

We continue to build our anti-trafficking legacy by asking you to urge your elected officials to pass SHB 1989.  

As people of faith, we believe in a faith that affirms and acknowledges the inherent human dignity of every person. On human exploitation Pope Francis writes in his encyclical Laudato Si,’ “Human beings are themselves considered consumer goods to be used and then discarded. We have created a ‘throw away’ culture which is now spreading.”

Passing SHB 1989 will reduce Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) by:

  • Establish statewide exit strategies for adults experiencing CSE
  • Will coordinate statewide CSE service network  
  • Prioritize exit and reintegration services designed to serve exploited persons by implementing survivor-informed methodologies
  • Prioritize services for the most vulnerable and underserved including BIPOC, LBTQ+

We urge the Washington State Legislature to
pass Substitute House Bill 1989 to reduce commercial sexual exploitation and increase exit paths from commercial sex trade in the state of Washington!

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